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Booking Keshia to be my doula was one of THE best investments I made during my pregnancy. She was super friendly and personable. Very knowledgeable. Always available throughout my pregnancy to answer any questions and provide support. She is all about providing education to her clients, which helps to make informed decisions. She prepared me for what I could expect to experience with my first-time hospital birth. She advocated for me when healthcare professionals did not fully consider the well being of my child and myself. She helped me to have the birth experience that I desired. Keshia was truly the best physical and emotional support during my actual labor and even after the birth. I couldn’t have done it as well without her. I wholeheartedly recommend you hiring Keshia to be your birth doula. I only have one more visit with her and I can definitely say her services were overly appreciated and she will be missed.

ReAijah Ford

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