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"Empowering Birth Experiences:

Your Journey Our Support"


Become A Doula

Join our Empowered Doula Training program and become a confident, knowledgeable advocate for mothers during childbirth. Gain the skills and support you need to make a profound impact on the birthing experience by our accredited program.

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What We Do

Welcome to Empowered Black Doula, As you embark on your new journey we are dedicated to serving you. Our doula agency consist of passionate, educated, and professional doulas. We believe all birthing people & women should be supported and positive about their birth & postpartum experience. Additionally, we provide professional services for all families!

We welcome all birthing people with open arms! You have the power to birth beautifully and confidently.

- Keshia Lockett, CEO

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Empowered Black Doula was founded in Orlando, Florida by Keshia Lockett.

The founder passion for supporting women while giving birth started at an adolescent age. Keshia Lockett believes that transforming birth starts with the birthing person. She understands that education and knowledge is at the forefront of this evolution.


Client Reviews

Keshia was amazing during prenatal visits & my labor and delivery! Consistent check ins, easy to talk to, amicable and really loves her job. She guided me through my contractions and was right there when they went from medium to intense contractions ! She’s already my chosen doula again for our next child. I’m a first time home birth mommy and it was a great experience and even better with Keshia by my side.

For my first doula experience Keshia was amazing and throughout my experience I was in good hands. She was readily available to answer any questions I had, per and post baby. She was very active during my labor and provided great information at all sessions. This was great for me since I am a first time mother. Her energy made it comfortable to talk to an express my concerns and fears about birth and labor. Her reassurance gave me peace that I had chosen the right person.

As a first time mom, I wanted to be as prepared as possible. Keshia heard what I said and worked with me on child birth education. She was very thorough and answered all my concerned and new mama questions no matter how simple they were. She also has various packages for different services.
I started recommending others to her before I even gave birth!!
If you want someone that’ll honor your wishes, hire Embrace Your Birth Doula!

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