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5 Tips On Finding a Doula Mentor

A doula mentor provides you with information, resources, and guidance to support you throughout your doula career. Many doulas start their careers not really knowing where to start. Sometimes doulas are frustrated with the business aspect of their career by giving them easy to digest, accessible, and relevant steps to strengthen your business.


5 Tips To Help You Find Your Mentor:

  1. Reach out to your local doulas and ask them for advice. Talk to them about their experiences and see if they can refer you to someone who could serve as a mentor.

  2. Research doula organizations in your area. These organizations often have resources and may even be able to connect you with potential mentors.

  3. Attend doula-related events and conferences in your area. This is a great way to meet experienced doulas who may be willing to mentor you.

  4. Ask your friends and family for referrals. Talk to people you know who have hired a doula for their own birth and ask for recommendations.

  5. Network online. There are many online forums and social media groups dedicated to doula topics where you can reach out to experienced doulas and ask for advice.

It's important to do your research and ensure that the doula you choose is experienced and certified.

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